Past Life Wisdom Workshop 2023
Sunday Sept. 17th

Through past life regression, discover untapped personal energy and knowledge. Empower your healing work and your life path.
Awaken Potential!

Curious about Past Lives?

Often we wish for a new vision or guidance from our past lives.  You have a connection to past life wisdom and you can experience that connection. 

Limited seats in this specialized workshop

Cost: $333.00 paid in full by August 25th

To register, please send an email to
or Venmo payment to @maria-carvalhaes

Experience Past Life Wisdom and Awaken Untapped Potential

In this specialized workshop, you will be guided through an archetypal journey and a past life regression journey. You will receive guidance and support as you explore and discover empowering information, signs, and symbols from each journey. Tarot/oracle cards as well as intuitive readings from the leaders will help you integrate your experience. 

Cai and Andrea-Marie met each other in a Depth Psychology Ph.D. program and discovered they have a unique commonality and connection through past life work. With decades of experience working with past lives, intuitive wisdom, tarot and oracle cards, they invite you to cultivate awareness of arising archetypal energy. 

 This workshop will help you find past life archetypal “potentials” which manifest as energy and information. The experience and the information are accessed through past life regression. 

Being a healer/helper requires much energy and awareness. Join this unique opportunity with Cai and Andrea- Marie. Receive support in bringing obscured wisdom into your personal and professional healing work. 

Workshop Details

  • Lovely Pasadena Location, given upon registration
  • Tea/Coffee and light snacks provided
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Bring a journal if you wish
  • Bring a light lunch / refrigeration available
  • Bring a comfy blanket or throw/small pillow

Join Us for this
Rare Group Workshop!

Cai Carvalhaes, PhDc

Cai is a Ph.D. candidate, LCSW, past-life regression hypnotherapist, yoga instructor, and spiritual-growth facilitator based in California. As an LCSW she uses a depth psychological approach in therapy. She participates in a collaborative Brazilian/American research group that investigates Anomalous Experiences from the Perspective of Carl Gustav Jung’s Complex Psychology.

Cai has been an adjunct professor of the Social Work school at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock for the past six years. She is a doctoral candidate in Depth Psychology specializing in Integrative Therapy and Healing Practices at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her research interests are in the areas of relationships among past lives, anomalous experiences, trauma, complexes, and archetypal potentials. She is also interested in fractal ontologies and epistemologies in the area of psychology. 

Andrea-Marie Stark, PhDc

Andrea-Marie Stark is a doctoral candidate in Depth Psychology with a specialization in Integrative Therapy and Healing Practices at Pacifica Graduate Institute. She has has over 25 years of experience with intuitive healing, mediumship, tarot and psychic work. Trained in Hakomi somatic therapy, Trauma work, mystic shamanism, energy work, dream interpretation, meditation, and other modalities, she offers holistic integrative healing at her private practice, California Integrative Therapy in Pasadena CA. She is a master teacher of reiki, offers workshops and private tutelage in intuition and shamanic healing. Her areas of interest and practice include Bon Buddhism, The Sacred Feminine and the lost archetypal potential of the preteen girl.

An eye looking at the camera on a set of steps going upward representing the looking inward that happens with Trauma Work in Pasadena, CA.
A doorway in a rock wall leading down a secret pathway representing the many pathways we travel down during Integrative Trauma Work in Pasadena, CA.
Andrea-Marie and Cai on a panel at Div. 32 Society for Humanistic Psychology Conference, Albequerque 2022
Sun filtering down through the trees in a forest representing the unseen aspects of ourselves explored with Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA.

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