Candles on a wooden altar representing the points of light that can be found in the darkest places with the help of Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA.

The Benefits and Beauty of Intuitive Counseling

Intuitive sessions help you gently acknowledge the unattended and yet unseen issues.

Things that you have spent years trying to figure out can become quite clear.

Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena can Open the Doors to Deeper Answers

Many people come to intuitive sessions because other forms of therapy or healing were not working. Some relief may have been achieved, and some good self-knowledge acquired, but resolution was not achieved. Working with an Intuitive Counselor gently addresses the unaddressed. An intuitive counselor listens deeply and appropriately uses what she hears. 

Intuitive Counseling is Applicable in Any Healing Space

Intuitive counseling is powerful and flexible with  with any kind of healing work. As a trauma worker, I consistently use intuition with clients. Intuition brings a deeper sense of belonging and feelings of being authentically seen. Intuition offers clarity, grace, and deeper understanding.

Intuitive Counseling Awakens and Redirects Your Own Intuition

First, simply consider how being in an intuitive environment invites your intuition to flourish. When the practitioner holds an intuitive space, your intuition feels a safe invitation to awaken. Remember, every human has an intuitive sense but most of us live in cultures that do not honor intuition. In fact, we may have picked up the message, “Make decisions from your head, not your heart,”.

Our Best Decisions Are Heart Driven

Yet, our best decisions, like the discovery of healthy love, are heart-driven. Even if we practice using our intuition, even if we live an intuitive life, we still live in cultures that hold intuition as suspect, weak, or just plain wrong. This just presents a challenge for us. We must find a balance, and we need to notice the places where our intuition becomes veiled or feels lost. Additionally, we need to redirect our use of our intuition. 

Patterns that Block Intuition

Past trauma, challenging life experiences, and stress create patterns that block or redirect our intuition. For example, during childhood, we may have used our intuition to survive. We might have needed to “know” what was going to happen, or how people were going to be acting. If we had a parent or caregiver who was inconsistent with their behavior, we needed to rely on our deepest sensitivity, our intuitive sense. This is not uncommon. As children, many of us did not even realize we were using our intuitive sense, we just were surviving. Our intuition became and remains mostly about survival. We still unknowingly use our intuitive sense exclusively for survival when we no longer need to as adults. 

Working From a Compromised Selfhood

When we are moving forward in life from adaptations and old patterns of belief and behavior, we are living a compromised life. We are working from a compromised selfhood. This can create feelings of stuckness, frustration, depression, and other challenges. We need a better balance. We need a new direction!

When you can identify and work with past issues, you can also redirect your intuitive sense.

What is Balance? How is Balance related to Intuition?

Let’s consider the term, HOLISM. Holism refers to the interconnection of all your parts as a human. No individual part can exist on its own. The parts work together and cannot work without each other. “Holism is often applied to mental states, language, and ecology.” In addition, Holism refers to “the treating of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of an illness.”

Holism is about balance. 

If you are using your intuitive sense to keep yourself safe, then you do not have much of your intuition left for other uses. Staying safe gets prioritized. You get out of balance. But, you create a better balance when you identify and work on your old patterns of belief and behavior. 

When you can identify and work with past issues, you can also redirect your intuitive sense

Your intuition is a Part of Your Holistic Self.

Intuition is one of your human senses. Additionally, intuition arises in ways like:

  • Acknowledging  messages from the “wiser” self.
  • Knowing something without having facts or data to support that knowledge.
  • Hearing messages from non-ordinary sources. 
  • Feeling the emotions of other people or animals.
  • Or feeling that a place, like a building, has an emotional past, a story that lingers still. 
  • “Reading” symbols or signs, like tarot cards or coffee grounds.
  • Knowing an outcome before it manifests.
  • Hearing guides and receiving helpful and healing information.
  • Speaking with animals and the natural world.
  • Communication with those who have passed away.
  • Experiencing prophetic dreams, visitation dreams, or journey dreams.
  • And much more.

Intuition is a powerful sense

In healing spaces, it can assist in creating profound change. As you change, your relationship with our intuitive sense grows and shifts. You become more intuitive. You can become more attuned to your intuitive sense and apply it more consciously to your life!

A lone doorway with light shining through it representing the light that is shown within during Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA.
A stone angel surrounded by greenery. Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA dives into the unexplored aspects of ourselves.
A hand decorated model of a heart in many different colors representing the decisions that we make with our hearts from an Intuitive perspective. Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA can connect the mind and heart.
A lone ray of light filters down through the trees representing the light that we shine inward during Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA.
Stones stacked up in an alter form marking a pathway representing the path to holistic healing we travel during Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA.
A tarot deck setting on a table bathed in shadows. Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA utilizes different tools to explore our inner selves.
Light filters down through the trees casting long shadows representing the past trauma that casts shadows on our current existence. Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA brings those dark areas to light.

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