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"I feel so lost and disconnected from myself and the world."

Trauma, abuse, loss, grief, medical issues impact us on many levels. Left untreated, these difficult experiences can impact us in painful ways.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Andrea-Marie has had the privilege of training with indigenous shamanic healers from around the world. She works respectfully and honors the ancient traditions of her teachers and their indigenous communities. 

Shamanic Healers work with spirit, energy and deep states of consciousness in the non-ordinary, unseen realms. Shamanic healing is one of the oldest types of medicine known. The word shaman is Russian, from the Tungusian of Eastern Siberia, and it refers to one who can move through different realms and access deep states of consciousness specifically to assist in the healing of a person, animal, or place.

Shamanic healing is holistic, deep, powerful, compassionate, non-judgmental, non-religious, non-political, and inclusive of all individuals. Shamanic healing is an ancient system of health and wellness that blends well with other forms of healing including somatic therapy, reiki energy healing, and trauma therapy. 

Who are Shamanic Healings for?

As a shamanic healer in Los Angeles and online, I am grateful to work with people who suffer with:

  • anxiety
  • trauma
  • disease and chronic illness
  • medical trauma
  • cancer
  • personality issues
  • family unrest
  • childhood trauma
  • depression
  • end of relationship
  • death of a family
  • experiences of expanded consciousness
  • intuitive/psychic experiences or gifts arising
Men and women sitting in a circle and holding hands during group therapy.

Experience the Power and Wisdom of Los Angeles Shamanic Healing

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3. Experience Relief, Comfort and Healing

Los Angeles Shamanic Healer Andrea-Marie will help you regain your deeper self, clear past traumas, and heal old wounds. 

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