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We all suffer with ailments, both physical and emotional. Our bodies are complex energy centers requiring maintenance and balancing. Ongoing physical issues have emotional and energetic roots.     

Without regular maintenance, our body/mind will alert us to potential problems:

Reiki Can Help!

Reiki is a powerful way to restore health, balance, and promote healthy function to the body and the mind. Like other energy healing modalities (acupuncture, acupressure), Reiki works on the energetic level of the body, the flow of chi/qi/ki that runs throughout the body. 

Reiki is used around the world. The Western medical field is incorporating Reiki into hospital, acute care and high-stress settings. Research into the efficacy of Reiki as a complementary and alternative healing modality is clearing showing its efficacy

What is a Reiki Session Like?

In a typical Reiki session we first get clear about why you have come and what is happening in your body.  

As an intuitive/shamanic healer, I work a bit differently than a traditional Reiki healer. I listen to your body, receive messages and information, and incorporate this information into your session. 

Reiki has specific symbols which help direct the healing to the parts of the body which need healing. As an intuitive healer, I use Reiki, IntuitionChakra Energy and other systems when I am engaged in healing.  As I am an intuitive, I will look at, feel for, and listen to the pain or discomfort, so that I can better understand the origin of it and start the healing.

What does Reiki Feel Like?

Clients report many sensations such as feeling great warmth, soothing energy, release of pain, release of pressure, goosebumps, lightness or heaviness, positive, peaceful, happy emotions and general feelings of well-being. Many clients report long-term issues coming to resolution, new perspectives on their lives, and better engagement in relationships. 

What Does Reiki Treat?

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