Psychic Medium Sessions

A Healing Connection with Lost Loved Ones

Losing a Loved One


 Can be the Challenge of a Lifetime. 

Losses may create feelings of:


Feel Connected with a Psychic Medium Session


Losing someone close to us can be quite an emotional challenge. We may experience depression or sadness, anger or guilt. We may find it hard to move forward with our lives. Perhaps we are living with unanswered questions or we may have not had the opportunity to say goodbye. As we wander through the many aspects of grief we may wish for more support.  A Psychic Medium is someone who works to help you walk the path of loss and reconnect with your loved one. Working with a Psychic Medium like Andrea-Marie supports your healing pathway

Why Give Yourself a Psychic Medium Session?

When we find it hard to process a loss we need to reach out and ask for help. Counseling, grief process groups, helpful friends and family can be such powerful allies, but sometimes we also feel the need to reconnect with our lost ones. We may wish to say something to them, or ask them something, or reconcile with them. 

Communication with those who have passed is for healing. Most people find it an emotional and moving experience, or a freeing experience. 

Your loved ones are the people we can communicate with because a connection exists through your love and your wish to hear from them. When a person crosses over, they do not take negative emotions or animosity with them. This is why healing is possible even after someone dies. Even a difficult relationship in life can become healed after a death.

Please know that connection to a specific loved one is usually possible, but no medium can guarantee this. The spirit world is in charge and it takes a great deal of energy for loved ones to come through. In addition, there are stages which a soul must go through after leaving the physical body behind. After physical death there is learning and growth.


What Do Psychic Medium Sessions Look Like?

Psychic Medium Sessions are conducted via phone. During your session I work to connect with your lost one. Once we have established with whom we may communicate, I directly relay the messages to you. Sometimes messages come in pictures, sometimes words. Those who have passed communicate with us in different ways. Sometimes it is quite direct, other times it is more poetic and metaphoric.
Sessions from the Past
 Who is turning the light on?!
A woman who lost her life partner, her husband, was curious about certain experiences she was having in her home. She did not share these experiences with me prior to the session but during the session I perceived her late husband was sitting in his favorite chair in their living room, sometimes turning the light on or off.  She confirmed what I perceived and was given the message that he wished for her to know that he was always with her. He wanted her to continue with her life knowing he was happy for her to live fully and move on. Her session was joyfully emotional for her, and, she began to understand her ability to tune in to her own intuition.
A Confirmation Received.
A gentleman was wishing to connect with a lost male relative. Strikingly this relative appeared to me standing in a field gesturing to a vast natural landscape. This was the first message of the session and it opened up a stunning opportunity of healing for the gentleman. He knew exactly what the message meant for him. It answered questions he had about certain choices in his life. He wanted to leave his desk job and start a new career in a study of nature and ecology. The rest of the session was filled with love and acknowledgment as messages continued to confirm and encourage him to embrace his life plans.
Fog covered path representing the road to healing the mind, body, and spirit with Integrative Therapy in Pasadena, CA
Light filters down through the trees casting long shadows representing the past trauma that casts shadows on our current existence. Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA brings those dark areas to light.

Feel Connection

Healing the feeling of loss.

Feel Comfort

With connecting to your lost one.

Release Grief

Engage in a healthy process of grief and release.

Move On With Connection

Life continues with the new connection to your loved one.

Tree standing on a hill framed by the sunset representing the spiritual journey of Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena,CA.

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