Mindfulness in Pasadena, CA

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Healing

What is Mindfulness? A powerful state of being!

Mindfulness is a heightened state of consciousness or awareness. Anyone can become mindful. Moreover, the practice of mindful awareness is done through forms of meditation and movement. In addition, the human brain is built to experience mindful states. As a result, the use of meditation, visualization, physical movements like yoga postures helps you to experience mindful states of awareness. 

Andrea-Marie Stark understands Mindfulness and its applications and will work with you to learn and understand how to apply them in your own life.

Shifting States of Being

You shift states of being all day long. Additionally, you may start the day feeling tired or disconnected and then later feel more energized and connective. As a result, whatever state you are in is represented by a neuronal pattern in the brain. Likewise, with each state of being your body creates a unique pattern physically, emotionally and mentally.

For example you will have a specific body temperature, a specific size to the pupils of our eyes, thoughts and emotions unique to each state of mind will arise as well. 

Achieving Mindful Awareness with Mindfulness Practices

Basically, mindful awareness is uniquely another state of being. It is a very healing, beneficial and powerful state of being, too. And it involves a deep introspection with no self judgment or critique. It is a state of observation. We become more aware of what is happening within. Additionally, we become more able to understand ourselves, our reactions, our emotional states and thought patterns. As a result, this is what makes it such a powerful state. Further, the more we understand ourselves, the better we feel and function. 

Training in Mindfulness

We “train” in mindfulness by using forms of meditation. Further, humans learn by practice, we are built to be better at doing things simply by repeating those things. As a result, engaging in a daily practice of mindful awareness is just like practicing an instrument or playing a sport daily. You will get better at it through practice too. 

Why Practice Mindfulness?

Mindfulness retrains the brain. This means that a pattern in the brain, for example, a pattern of a certain feeling, like sadness, can be shifted through mindful awareness too. Daniel Siegel in his early research discovered that “where neurons fire, they can rewire”. Furthermore, any pattern in the brain can shift. As a result, a better relationship with the Self can be cultivated and become a daily state of being.

Engage Your Brain and Alleviate Suffering Through Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness practice engages the brain in new ways and helps us to alleviate our mental suffering, our emotional stuckness and other issues. Additionally, when we practice mindfully we are engaging in created more spaciousness in our thought patterns. 

Avoid Getting Pulled into a Negative State

If you are thinking negatively you are at risk of getting pulled into a negative state of being. Additionally, if you are noticing that you have become negative, if you are aware that you are falling into negativity, that is an entirely new pattern. Further, the awareness of your own thoughts and emotions is a different pattern than being IN the negative thoughts and emotions. 

Visualization as Part of Mindfulness

First, imagine you are a puddle of water. Into you rolls a giant boulder of negative thought. You will be greatly challenged. Second, imagine you are more like a great ocean and that same boulder rolls into your watery self. Additionally, you will not be as challenged. In addition, you will have more self to address the boulder. 

What is a Mindfulness Session?

Your individual session is suited to you as we work to discover a style of mindfulness with which you resonate. Further, mindful work is holistic and can involve sitting meditation, walking, visualization, mantra, yoga and other helpful modalities of awareness. Additionally, any issues which arise, like distractedness, can be gently addresses through the meditative work and other systems of self work. Any obstacle to mindfulness is a portal to more self-awareness.

What Are the Benefits of Mindfulness?

Modern Neuroscience reveals precisely how mindfulness benefits us:  

  • Improves Overall Sense of Well-Being
  • Reduces Worry and Anxiety
  • Increases Joy and Satisfaction
  • Improves Self-Esteem
  • Enhances Attachment and Relationship with Others
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Reverses Heart Disease
  • Enhance Sleep
  • Improve Immune Functioning
  • Decrease Chronic Pain
  • Reduces Anxiety and Depression
  • Decreases Addiction

The Benefits of a Mindfulness Practice

Benefits include creating new neural networks for self-observation, positive thinking, and overall experiences of well-being. This is how you and I can address the issues listed above! 

Mindfulness sessions may include meditation, visualization, healings and connecting with your personal spirituality. 

Your mindful journey is your personal pathway to freedom.
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Let Mindfulness Reconnect You to Yourself!


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Other Counseling Services offered by Andrea-Marie Stark in Pasadena, CA

In addition to Mindfulness, Andrea-Marie offers a wide variety of holistic and spiritually driven services. These include Intuitive CounselingTrauma CounselingSomatic TherapyShamanic HealingReiki and Depth Psychology. If you are stuck and in need of a supportive and nonjudgmental place to rediscover yourself, reach out today!