Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA

Your Wisdom Awakens

Insight Through Intuitive Counseling Brings Profound Change


Discover the origin of suffering as only deep listening through intuitive counseling can. 

Ignoring intuitive wisdom may create feelings of:

What is Intuitive Counseling?


Intuitive Counseling involves deep listening. As an intuitive Andrea-Marie relies on her organic psychic ability and her years of training with divinatory tools. Her knowledge of tarot, Mystic ShamanismEnergy Healing, Somatic and Depth Psychology and Spiritual Counseling creates a collage of profound and powerful  healing. More than counseling, it is a home for soulful realizations.

Who Comes for Intuitive Counseling?

Intuitive Counseling will open healing to:

  • Trauma
  • Relationship Issues
  • Work Stress
  • Family and Parenting Issues
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Feeling Overly Sensitive 
  • Feeling Stuck or Apathetic
  • Spiritual Crisis
  • Ability to Love and Accept Love
  • Communication Issues with Others and Self
  • Adults Dealing with Childhood Issues
  • Boundaries
  • Creativity/Artists 
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety/Fear 
  • Self-Loathing/Low Self-Esteem
  • Feeling Lost
  • Food Related Issues, Eating Issues
  • Dreams/Nightmares 
  • Absence of Spiritual Life
  • Intuitive Growth and Connection with your “higher self”
  • Feeling a Calling to find a Deeper Meaning to your Life
  • Support on a spiritual pathway
  • Honoring your own intuition

Why is Intuitive Counseling So Powerful?

Our most useful self-knowledge is sometimes hidden in our ordinary waking consciousness. Working with an intuitive helps you see what you have not quite seen, and know what you have been waiting to know. An intuitive session may help unlock a stuckness, confirm ideas or feelings you have only touched upon and reveal and confirm their origins. Compassionate and empathic intuitive work can feel like you are being seen and held in a way you have never experienced. Dr. Marks-Tarlow (author of Clinical Intuition in Psychotherapy) observes that through empathy a healer may intuitively understand a client. Empathic listening is at the root of intuitive work and opens a pathway to an even deeper healing connection. Information arising through intuition can be gracefully uncovered and integrated into the healing work.

What does a session look like?

Each Session is Unique

Each session is as unique as each client. As an intuitive healer, I receive information in the form of language, emotion, story, and symbol. There are words that define intuitive work, like clairvoyance and clairsentience. Each term holds within it the french word “clair” meaning “clear”. Literally translated the terms mean, clear-seeing and clear-feeling. These terms refer to the ability to receive or perceive information that has been unavailable to you.

I work with guides, helpers, and ancestors who may arrive to be served by your healing and the healing of those around you.

Intuitive Counseling For Everyday Practical Living

Intuitive work is very helpful for everyday practical living and for deeper personal and healing work. Certainly intuitive work is helpful if you are deciding where to live or work, what do to, and whom to trust. And it is also profoundly useful in therapeutic work.

iNTUITIVE Tools Utilized During an Intuitive Counseling Session

In a session, we may use tools like tarot or other kinds of divinatory cards. I may read objects you own. I may receive information that will be key data for you in some part of your life. Sometimes the information comes through emotion, other times it is through what we may call channeling, which may be better termed as receiving information. I will hear or know information that is being presented to me to provide for you. The service of an intuitive healer is to bring to light that which will help you move forward in life.

Your gROWTH AND HEALTH are The Center of This Process

Always I work with your best interest in mind. I work within the grounded ethics necessary for this personal way of discovering answers and pathways.

I work with those who are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their spiritual lives and with those who wish to expand their connection with their own intuition.

Why work with intuition?

Sometimes the information we need is hidden from us. This happens for many reasons. Sometimes we are personally blind to a situation, other times we are being kept in the dark. Shining an intuitive light onto a life experience can reveal strikingly useful information and help you to make your own best decision.

Everyone has the potential to live a more intuitive life. Each time you work with an intuitive you are helping build your relationship with your own intuition. 

The healing space created through intuitive work.

One significant difference between what is known as talk therapy and the deeper spaces cultivated through intuition is the acknowledgment of Oneness and connectivity. Working with the feminine wisdom of intuition invites a very nurturing space. All genders are capable of tuning into their intuition, but the home of intuition is in the feminine side of all of us.

Marion Woodman reminds us that “the feminine principle attempts to relate. Instead of breaking things off into parts, it says, where are we alike?” This approach diminishes potential power distances and replaces them with open, nurturing, and non-judgmental spaces for the unfolding of shadow work and the continuity of individuation. In addition, the intuitive therapist tracks on a subtle level, listening to the spaces untraceable through ordinary senses and trusting the salience of the information arising from the non-ordinary spaces of connectivity.


Relationships Can Benefit From Intuitive Counseling

Any kind of partnership can benefit from counseling. A relationship is a relationship, pure and simple. However you describe the nature of your connection, your partnership is a primary life resource and deserves attention. Love is Love. Humans are Humans. We all need help getting out of our own way so we can fully engage in healthy relationships. California Integrative Therapy is a non-biased healing space. 

Sun filtering down through the trees in a forest representing the unseen aspects of ourselves explored with Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA.
Woman in an etheral dress standing on the beach as the waves crash in representing the inner turmoil that can be overcome with Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA.
Tarot cards sitting on a table representing some of the tools used during Intuitive Therapy in Pasadena, CA.
Female hands in open giving gesture beside a HEALER word cloud on a green and blue outwardly flowing bokeh background representing the many types of care that fall within the sphere of Intuitive Healing in Pasadena, CA.
Lone candle burning in the dark representing the light that can be found inside ourselves through Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA.
A single ray of sunshine shining down on a branch of purple flowers representing the light that can be found in each of us with the help of Integrative Trauma Work in Pasadena, CA.
A room with an open door leading outside towards a sunlight area representing opening your mind during Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA and connecting with yourself on a deeper and more meaningful level.
Two women supporting each other physically and emotionally during a Session of Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA

Feel Acknowledged

The depth of knowing in an intuitive session will help you acknowledge yourself as never before.

Feel Seen

The depths of your life experience are visible to a compassionate intuitive.

Release Stuckness

Intuitive Counseling can gently reveal trauma or difficult experiences and lead to healing.

Find Your Soul Purpose

Intuitive work plumbs the depths of the soul helping you find and create a soulful life.

Green door with a heart surrounded by green ivy representing opring the door to your spiritual self and exploring your soul with Intuitive Counseling in Pasadena, CA.

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Other Counseling Services offered by Andrea-Marie Stark in Pasadena, CA

In addition to Intuitive Counseling, Andrea-Marie offers a wide variety of holistic and spiritually driven services. These include Depth Psychology, Trauma Counseling, Somatic Therapy, Shamanic Healing, Reiki and Mindfulness. If you are stuck and in need of a supportive and nonjudgmental place to rediscover yourself, reach out today!