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Integrative Reiki Work

Integrative Reiki work with Andrea-Marie includes the modalities of intuition, somatic work, sound healing, and shamanic healing. 

What kind of Reiki is this?

There are many types of reiki, some sources state over 30 different styles exist. The Reiki forms offered and taught at Tree of Life Healing / California Integrative Therapy include Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki and Integrative Shakti Reiki. In addition, Andrea-Marie works intuitively and within the realm of shamanic healing. With the grounding of a five-year formal training in Mystic Shamanism, followed by continuous study and practice for over a decade, Andrea-Marie brings shamanic work into the reiki session. Sound healing through mantra, music, and healing bowls is also a part of the shamanic work and is a powerful companion to reiki healing. 

How Do Trauma and Reiki, Shamanism, and Intuition work together

First, to be clear, Andrea-Marie is trauma trained as well as trained in Hakomi Somatic Therapy, and she is completing a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology (2023). She can integrate reiki, shamanic work, and intuition into trauma work. Many reiki practitioners are not trained in trauma or other more demanding or specific modalities of therapy. It is important to know the scope of practice of any healer to find a safe space for healing.

How Can integrative Shamanic Reiki Help With Trauma Issues?

The leading names in the trauma field, like Bessel van der Kolk, Manuela Mischke-Reeds, Peter Levine, and Pat Ogden, all teach how trauma is stored in the body. Trauma creates imbalances in emotional regulation, thought patterns, and physical health. This means trauma can cause emotional and mental issues like anxiety, depression, lack of focus, and inability to move forward. And, trauma can cause unexplained physical symptoms like fatigue, chronic tension, odd pains, stomach and digestion issues, throat issues, and many more unfortunate experiences.

  • Trauma is a form of suffering that can impact all levels of being. 
  • Integrative Reiki is a form of healing that focuses on every level of a body’s state of being.
  • Integrative Reiki Works on the Root Cause of Trauma.

Reiki can work on old wounds, like trauma, because within the realm of energy work, there is no distinction between then and now. Trauma is stored in the body as if there is no distinction between then (the time of the trauma) and now (even many years after the trauma). In essence, reiki healing energy can travel to the time of the trauma and help to release frozen parts of the self, chronic imbalances in the body, and limiting ways of thinking (usually caused by fear). The trauma you may have experienced decades ago is accessible for integration through trauma work. Therefore, trauma work is greatly supported with reiki.

What is an Example of Integrative Reiki at Work?

Integrative Shamanic Reiki work helps you find healing and integration after trauma.

A client with a history of childhood abuse was working on their emotional and mental issues. After leaving an abusive partner they realized that the abusive partner was very much like their childhood abuser. Moreover, this was a great and hard-won realization. 

Awareness During a Reiki Session

During a reiki treatment on this client, I became aware of a five-year-old part, who was hiding and scared. However, one way I receive information is through seeing an image in my mind and having immediate knowledge concerning details about the image. I saw this 5-year-old while I was holding a reiki hand over the client’s solar plexus. The solar plexus has messages for us about our selfhood, our mental processes, and our will to move forward in the world. 

The Body Reveals Fragments of Self

The client’s body was revealing a fragment of the self, soul, or psyche. Similarly, in shamanism, we sometimes work with soul fragments. The fragments are usually from a specific point in time, usually a traumatic time. There is an emotional story to hear, a physical tension to release, and a belief to change. Therefore, it is very deep work.

The Use of Intuition

Using reiki helped this client feel safe, open, and relaxed. First, using intuition, I track the information available, then we worked on the integration of the past issue using somatic and shamanic modalities to help reclaim the fragment. 

The client shared a memory of avoiding an adult abuser, exactly where I had seen the 5-year-old hiding. Specific shamanic methods which cannot be fully detailed here helped this client reclaim the 5-year-old. It can be an emotional journey. The integrative mix of modalities is powerful and supportive. Healing mantra and Tibetan healing bowls* assist with the process. 

*Tibetan healing bowls were purchased directly from the artisan in Nepal and are used with great respect.

Post Notes of Understanding

It is important to note that certain types of healing, western or alternative, may be right for one person, but not another person’s cup of tea. However, this blog is meant to help clarify how reiki and other forms of healing are useful in the treatment of trauma. Also, please remember reiki, shamanism, and intuition are not affiliated with any kind of organized religion and represent pathways of healing available to anyone.

Colorful hand with the word Reiki on it representing Integrative Reiki Healing in Pasadena, CA.
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