Depth Psychology

Wisdom of the Psyche

"My Soul, where are you? I have returned, I am here again. I am with you. After long years, I have come to you again." ~Carl Jung

What is Depth Psychology?

Modern Depth Psychology retains its roots in the work of Carl Jung, Marie-Louise Von franz, Marion Woodman and many others working with the stunning layers of the psyche. 

The psyche contains all levels of consciousness, from the depths of the unknown self to the heightened awarenesses available to humans. Depth Psychology unwinds and uncovers the hidden wisdom of the unconscious. Working with dream images, imagination, art, archetypes, and mythologies creates pathways to the Self. Find freedom from deeply seated patterns or ancestral and intergenerational suffering. Understand synchronicity and dive into the mystery of life and the Self.

Depth Psychology Works With:

  • Soul
  • Sleep and Dreaming
  • Shadow Issues
  • Projections
  • All Psychological Issues
  • Numinous Experiences
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Personal Myths
  • Complexes

What Happens in a Depth Session?

Depth work is profoundly personal and greatly connective. You may find life powerful messages from a dream image or discover the meaning of a recurring dream. You may experience the phenomena of synchronicity. You may unearth your personal myth and change parts of yourself you felt were unchangeable. You will better understand your pathway of individuation and your place “in the family of things” as Mary Oliver put it. 

Depth work is expansive, poetic and beautiful. It connects your internal experiences to the external world. While it is dedicated to that which is below the surface, Jung wrote that the psyche is not limited by the boundaries of time and space. Depth work is connective and integrative.

Depth work gently acknowledges messages from the unconscious and allows them space in conscious thought, feeling and action. In this way we work to free ourselves of old patterns, thoughts and beliefs which stand in the way of our growth as humans. 


Jung suggested that searching for meaning in suffering ultimately makes bearable what would otherwise be unbearable. We need to locate ourselves in a larger relationship to “what is.”

“It takes great courage to break with one's past history and stand alone. There is no growth without real feeling." ~Marion Woodman

Find Your Heroine or Hero's Journey

What is your Myth?

Understand Individuaion

Awaken your Soulful pathway!

Start Living Soulfully

Trust your Psyche and the messages of dreams and your imagination!

Invite the Numinous

Incorporate Dreams and Visions into Life.


Let Somatic Therapy Reconnect You to Yourself!

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