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“We keep fighting!"


Finding safe and fulfilling relationships can be challenging. Many partners feel sad, alone or angry.  

We can find ourselves in relationships that are:


The Human Relationship is Complex.


Healthy relationships take focus, energy and work. We bring all of our emotional baggage and past trauma to our partnerships. When we are able to understand what we bring to our partnerships, better connection and healing can begin. Your partner and you deserve a change. 

Couples work  is grounded in attachment and bonding theory, neuroscience, and somatic psychology. 


What happens in couples therapy ?


Partner work is very powerful. You have healing for each other as well as for yourselves. Your partnership can become a true allyship. Old disruptive patterns become very apparent and new generative patterns are consciously brought into your bond.

Usually we are with a partner who has some healing and awakening for us. A partnership in crisis is a opportunity for growth.


What is your approach to couples therapy and marriage counseling?


Hakomi Psychotherapy (the somatic approach) and Depth Psychology along with personal spirituality and intuitive modalities form a powerful and unique approach to working with relationships. Couples therapy and marriage counseling are dynamic, experiential and powerful.

How do you envision a healthy partnership? What sort of partner do you want to be? What sort of support do you want from a partner? Receive help in expressing your needs and wants and learn how to communicate in a healthy connective and grounded way. Learn how to be your organic self in a partnership.




What about surviving infidelity?


Surviving infidelity with infidelity counseling is possible. It takes work, courage, and dedication. Both partners have work to do. You both will come to understand what happened, why, and how to prevent it from ever happening again. You rebuild trust. 

Through the powerful approach of couples therapy and marriage counseling, you can heal the wounds of betrayal. You and your partner can return to feeling safe, connected, and loved. 


What Kinds of Couples do You Work With?


Any kind of partnership can benefit from counseling. Love is Love. A relationship is a relationship, pure and simple. However you describe the nature of your connection, your partnership is a primary life resource and deserves attention. We all need help getting out of our own way so we can fully engage in healthy relationships. 

California Integrative Therapy is a non-biased healing space. 



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A woman with tattooed arms hangs her head slightly as she listens to a therapist explain something. This could represent a couples therapist meeting with a client concerned about their relationship. We offer infidelity counseling in Pasadena, CA, couples therapy, marriage counseling, and other services. Get in touch with a couples therapist today!
A happy mature couple hold hands as they walk along the shore. The warm sun shining behind them could symbolize the warm love for each other they have developed through couples therapy in Los Angeles, CA. We offer support in nurturing this love through r couples therapy and marriage counseling. Contact a couples therapist for support today!

Fall Back in Love!

Remember being in love? You can feel that again!

Learn How to Really Communicate

Gain skills and tools to talk and navigate conflict.

Improved Intimacy

Connection on all levels can be addressed.

Survive Infidelity

Relationships suffering from betrayal can be helped with infidelity counseling, trust can be restored.

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Couples therapy and marriage counseling isn’t the only service we offer at our Pasadena, CA-based therapy office. Other services offered include individual therapy, anxiety treatment, trauma therapy, somatic therapy, and group therapy. We also serve all of California via online therapy. For answers to any of your questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page!