Hands framing a beautiful sunrise representing the new beginnings that come with processing trauma through Trauma Therapy in Pasadena, CA.

Addressing Body, Mind and Spirit in the Healing of Trauma

How do we identify and work to heal trauma through Trauma Therapy?


What is Trauma?

When we use the word trauma, we are referring to when something terrible happened to us and we could not stop it. We had no power. We had no help. No one rescued us and we could not rescue ourselves. The entire experience was overwhelming and because of being overwhelmed, our body takes us into a trauma response.

The Stress Response

If you have ever had some version of “stage fright” you have experienced a lesser trauma response, usually referred to as “the stress response”, although it certainly may have felt BIG!

What Happens During the Trauma Response?

What happens is that the body takes charge and tries to rescue us. Thinking and reasoning are difficult or impossible. We may try to run away or fight. We may leave our bodies and dissociate; we may freeze in fear. 

Traumatic Memories Are Stored in the Body.

Because of this reaction in our body, the memory of traumatic events does not get stored in the usual way. Trauma is then stored in the body. The body remembers even if the brain has little or no memory. Even when there is a memory of the event, we must work with the wisdom of the body. Trauma cannot be worked on by simply talking. 

Recognizing Trauma Through Trauma Therapy

The first step is to identify if you are experiencing symptoms of unaddressed trauma. Signs of stored trauma may show up in the physical body, in emotional and mental patterns, and also, in our spirit and soul.

Body symptoms:

  • Unexplained body pain or illness 
  • Sleep trouble, nightmares, recurring dreams
  • Difficulty with focus
  • Fatigue or exhaustion
  • Extreme alertness
  • Numbness

Emotional symptoms:

  • Fear 
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Inability to control emotions or find calmness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression, needing to hide, despair

Mental Symptoms:

  • Dissociative episodes, feeling far away, foggy
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Memory issues
  • Perseveration
  • Negative thought patterns

Spiritual or Soul Symptoms

  • Loss of personal beliefs
  • Feeling disconnection from the natural world
  • Anger or doubt regarding religion or spiritual way of living
  • Loss of intuition 
  • Disconnection from inner wisdom
  • The sudden opening of the third eye
  • Feeling spiritually overwhelmed
  • New connections with guides 

Get Help for Trauma Now

Through these and other symptoms, our holistic body is asking us to work on and integrate our trauma. Whether it was in childhood or adulthood, trauma is, as Peter Levine wrote, not a life sentence, we can recover and live happy fulfilled lives. Bessel van der Kolk reminds us that beneath the surface of trauma there exists an undamaged essence, a Self that is confident, curious, and calm. You are not your trauma. You are much more. Reach out for help, there is no right or wrong time to start healing from trauma. 

Treatment Options for Trauma Therapy

Andrea-Marie Stark is trained in trauma work through Hakomi Somatic Psychotherapy and From Trauma to Dharma. Her work is inclusive, non-denominational, and addresses the body, mind, and spirit. Trauma impacts all levels of beingness and can impact every aspect of our lives. Heal now, and be free. 

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Other Services Counseling Services Offered by Andrea-Marie Stark in Pasadena, CA

In addition to Trauma Therapy, Andrea-Marie offers a wide variety of holistic and spiritually driven services. These include Depth Psychology, Somatic Therapy, Intuitive Counseling, Shamanic Healing, Reiki, and Mindfulness. If you are stuck and in need of a supportive, compassionate and nonjudgmental place to rediscover yourself, reach out today